Online Kicks Broadcast’s Butt In Local SMB Spending

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by andrewsho

The Kelsey Group surveyed “Plus Spenders”, SMBs that spend at least $25K/yr in marketing v. the average of about $2500. According to Kelsey:

· 90 percent of SMB Plus Spenders have a Web site, versus 62 percent for average SMBs.
· Plus Spenders use more types of online media, and spend more for online advertising (well duh): In the past 12 months, Plus Spenders spent 26 percent of their total ad budget on online media, versus 21.8 percent for average SMBs, a difference of 4.2 points.
· Plus Spenders spend an appreciable amount of their total budget on broadcast media: 16.1 percent of their budget is allocated to broadcast media compared with 1.3 percent for all SMBs.

Interesting to see that SMBs are pushing more budget into online v. broadcast. I would have thought that online was growing faster but would still be a smaller % of the budget. Also interesting to see how much more Plus Spenders rely on broadcast v. their el cheapo SMB brethren.


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