It has been widely reported that Google is now able to crawl through HTML forms like drop down menus.

See Matt Cutts post and the Official Google Webmaster blog post for more excruciating detail.

While this development is classified as an “experiment” by Google and “Only a small number of particularly useful sites receive this treatment“, over time as this technology becomes a regular part of the Googlebot’s crawling behavior I believe this will have a positive effect for many small business websites.

Most SMB’s I know rarely update their sites and have a lot of challenges making them search engine friendly. With this new technology, Google can now better crawl many of these SMB site pages that otherwise would have gone unseen.

Over time this means more pages indexed and more potential for rankings and traffic.

And a tip of the hat to Gab Goldenberg for helping unearth this development with his analysis of SERPs in Google’s index.

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