Local news has highest Interest, value & trust of all media yet local media ratings shrinking

Overall media consumption is higher than ever but more outlets competing for attention

Not enough differentiation in local content to create demand

Successful media outlets operate with tight target focus and brand filters.  Brands today as much about what it is not as what is is.

General players (i.e. broadcast TV) getting picked off at the margins (such as by cable).

Individuals are increasinly “polylocal” – distinction between national and local is eroding

Consumers seek mobility and a seamless content experience

Audiences expect a dialogue

Audiences have increased expectations.

The Consumer Need State During the Day

In the morning, audience is focused on utility & agenda setting – radio is king

In afternoon, updates, info, actionability & escape are important so the PC (Web) and mobile become important, particularly for entertainment

In the evening it’s more about entertainment & escapism, TV becomes the dominant platform.

NBC NY’s News broadcast went from 10MM viewers in 1998 to 3.7MM in 2010.  By adding websites and other digital media options NBC brought total viewership up to 15MM.

NBC Targeting “local lifestyle content” – areas that have above avg interest but low satisfaction with current offerings.  Targeting social capitalists.

Sorry guys I had to leave in mid-session so I missed the big finale.

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  • Mike Ramsey  December 9, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    I like the break down of the time of day and media source. That is good info. I have been running a local news site for my home town


    and see that peak visitor time is always weekdays in the afternoon. Just don’t tell their bosses.

  • Josh Braaten  December 12, 2009 at 8:59 am

    Very nice article. I’m wondering if you have an hourly breakdown for the weekend, which I’m assuming is different than during the week. How do radio, TV and the PC vie for our attention during Saturday and Sunday?