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by andrewsho

Almost seven years ago today, LSG released its first-ever free tool, NAP Hunter. NAP Hunter was a free Chrome extension that “basically runs a set of standard N.A.P. queries through Google so you can quickly find various citations, their URLs and their Google position.”

The Local SEO community appeared to find NAP Hunter useful as according to the Chrome Store, over 4,000 people use it:

Some time in the past year, a Chrome update broke NAP Hunter. We didn’t realize it until we started getting a lot of “WTF doesn’t NAP Hunter work?” emails. Our dev team has been pretty busy building tools that don’t rely so much on Google, so we haven’t had the chance to fix the extension, until today that is!

I am pleased to announce that NAP Hunter has been updated. You can find it in the Chrome Store at this fabulous URL:

Kudos to Tingbin Huang for continuing to crank out the cool code for us.

Enjoy the hunt!


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