Just ran into Anupam Gupta, CEO of Mixpo.  I had caught a demo of Mixpo earlier today and was fairly impressed with what they have created.  Basically Mixpo is a simple online video creation tool for SMBs, or more precisely for companies that sell to SMBs.  Mixpo has set up several reseller relationships that are starting to sell their service.

Every day it seems like there is another SMB video player (it’s starting to remind me of the IYP space), but so far the thing that distinguishes Mixpo for me is the amount of crazy marketing things you can do to the videos.  They have really thought through how an online video can be a complete direct marketing experience.  You can basically create all sorts of message overlays, contact forms, offers, etc. inside the video and track the performance in a very slick dashboard.  They have done a great job of making a complex thing look pretty simple and I haven’t seen this kind of analytics from any of the other providers yet.

That said, my guess is that this service is still to complex for most SMBs and really should be implemented by a professional, but if you represent multiple businesses and are helping them with their online presences, this could be a great tool to try.

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