Merchant Circle Offers Free Video With Spotzer

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by andrewsho

Just sat down at the Kelsey Conference with Darren Waddell of Merchant Circle and Andy Klein of Spotzer to discuss their recent announcement that they will be offering free online videos to SMBs on

Basically the way the system works is that you go to your profile page and by agreeing to get a video, Spotzer will instantly create a pre-made video for your business category and add your data (e.g., business name, phone number, etc.) to the video.

According to Merchant Circle since they started the program last week over 2,000 businesses have signed up for a free video.  Ultimately they want to upsell businesses on customizing the video and are targeting a $60-$100/mnth price point.

Here are some examples of merchant videos.  They seem very high quality:

While MC is not doing much with video SEO at the moment I am guessing once this gets off the ground they will start actively trying to optimize the presence of these videos as well as distribute them to other channels.

As I have said before Merchant Circle, like other strong IYPs, is a good platform to get your business ranked and drive links back to your own website.  Seems like a no-brainer to get a free video in the process.

And if you are into video production check out Capitola Media, the best video production san francisco has to offer.


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