@MattCutts Did Your Penguin Just Break Google?

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by andrewsho

Google’s Penguin Update was supposed to help get rid of SPAM from the search results.  I think it may have had the opposite effect.

This morning I posted Think a Bunch of SEO Spammers Just Got Destroyed but when I search for that phrase in Google check out the results on page one from a few minutes ago:

100% SPAM! And my post is nowhere to be found (aka on page two).

About an hour and a half ago I posted the scholarly follow up How Google’s Penguin Update Got Its Name and check out page one for that query:

Again, my original post is nowhere to be found.

Hey Google, can you at least serve some eggs, sausage and bacon too?

File under #stillprocrastinating

UPDATE: Now 3 hours after posting I am ranking #1 for the above queries, but for queries for this post I am ranking #4, so there appears to be some kind of time lag thing going on with the algo.


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