Here it is straight from the man who spends all day long talking to Yellow Pages companies:

2008 will be the year of multi-channel expansion driven by yellow page companies.  These co’s will start moving their advertisers across multiple media platforms – Ad sponsored DA, Mobile, IYP, Search, etc.

Call-tracking will unify platforms.

Yellow Pages headings will begin to move to Value Based Pricing in under-developed headings in an effort to grow ad base and content.  (This is big)

SEO/SEM landing page optimization will become central to all local efforts.  Platforms will be ubiquitous.

Verticalization will accelerate.  Consumer and expert reviews will continue to grow in importance.   Remember Matt I called it here first with my YellowPages 3.0 post!

Mobile will become the next search product and current advertisers will be pushed into the mobile experience.

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  • Nagaraju Bandaru  November 29, 2007 at 9:59 pm

    Matt – Local really has been plagued by slow adoption and next year could really see a significant shift in the market. Good predictions…

  • Ben Santoli  December 27, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    Has anyone estimated what the valuations should be? i.e. a phone call for a pizza versus a phone call for a plastic surgeon? I presume that the number would have to be a factor that would be relative to R.O.I. but does anyone in the local search sector really have that much knowledge on the value of each lead for all of the catagories? Currently IYP is sold directly by salesforce. Would the plan be to try to set up a self serve bidding process to determine value for the underveloped headings?