Tis the season to do nice things and Local.com has come up with a nice promotion to get advertisers to sign up.  According to the press release:

Local.com Corporation (NASDAQ: LOCM)…today announced the launch of a new holiday program in which the company will be donating one toy to Toys for Tots for each business that signs up as a new advertiser with Local.com.

Note to Local.com: watch out for those pre-K SEOs signing up and trying to game the system 🙂

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  • Jeremy McMinn  December 8, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Our chiropractic clinic is doing a toy promotion over Christmas. We are foregoing one days takings and instead of people coming in to the clinic and paying for their adjustment, they will be paying with a toy instead which at the end of the day will all get donated to charity.

    This gets the customers involved with the charity giving rather than being a bystander to the process.

    Should be a fun day!