N.A.P. Hunter Lite

If you’re like us, you probably think citation work is the worst. All that manual work to clean up local business data at publishers that can’t keep their own databases accurate is hardly a challenge worthy of a local SEO genius like yourself.

N.A.P. Hunter is a Chrome extension we built to help us speed up that manual citation auditing process, and we wanted to share the wealth. N.A.P. Hunter performs searches for various combinations of a business’ name, address and phone number to give you a look at its citation profile and automatically download it to a .csv file.

You can get the extension here at the Chrome Web Store.

How To Install N.A.P. Hunter in Chrome

  1. Get a Google Chrome Browser
  2. Click on the “Hamburger” menu in the top right of the browser. Select “Tools” > “Extensions” to go to the Extensions page.  You can also just copy chrome://extensions/ into the Awesome bar.
    Chrome Hamburger Menu
  3. Enable “Developer Mode” in Chrome (note: this appears to be an issue for Windows PCs. You may need to wait until we add this to the Chrome Store)
  4. Drag and drop the unzipped N.A.P. Hunter file onto the page
  5. If you are on a Mac you need to drag the file into the Chrome extension page directly from the Finder
  6. If you are having issues with Chrome de-activating the plugin make sure you delete it, enable “Developer Mode” and then re-install the extension

How To Run N.A.P. Hunter
Pretty simple:

  1. Enter the N.A.P. info in the boxes
  2. Hit “Hunt” to run the query in the browser. You’ll get a lot of tabs that look like this:
    N.A.P. Hunter Query
    You can browse the tabs to find different citation sites for your N.A.P.
  3. Hit “Export”. After a small delay, N.A.P. Hunter will download all of the data in a csv like N.A.P.HUNTER.Local SEO Guide.2014-6-10.
  4. The current version provides the ability to deselect different query types and the option to remove Yelp.com from the results because, well F#%& em!


Let us know what you think and feel free to suggest improvements. If your looking to do more with NAP Hunter you should check out our local SEO audit template or free internet yellow page sites you can add your business to. Have fun hunting!