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I was sitting on the above bench in front of the Porto Rico Importing Co. on Thompson St. in NYC this afternoon (great coffee btw) on a conference call with a new client. When I hung up I realized someone had been sitting next to me for quite some time eating her lunch and listening in.

“How did I do?” I asked my new companion.

“What do you do? Work on those web sites or somethin’?” she inquired.

I explained what I did and while the concept of meta tags and inbound links was somewhat foreign to her she did figure out enough to ask how come her website gets no traffic.

Her name is Rubyana and she plays a mean jazz fusion flute. According to Rubyana she used to “hang with Hendrix”. So I figure I’ll help her out. Check out her site and download a sample. If you dig where she’s coming from then feel free to like throw her a link man.

I liked the street corner site clinic approach. Next time I am in NYC I think I am going to set up a table in Times Square.

And here’s another one of my favorite jazz fusion flautists:

Anchorman Flute

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  • Dan  April 22, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Great photo! Eventually you’ll be like the hairdresser at parties who lies about what he does – to avoid all the questions about hair. In any event – I think that link will bring you some good googlekarma 🙂