Local Newspapers Are Not Dead

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by andrewsho

Just got off the phone with Robert Silverman of Statepoint Media, a service that distributes advertorial to local newspapers, who claims that while the big dailies are busy falling off a cliff, local newspapers are thriving.  He’s talking about the kind of local papers you pick up in the hotel lobby or in a box on Main St.  His point was that while national and regional news is pretty much a commodity, the local paper is still the only place to find out about where the Livermore annual rubber duck races are going to be.

There is a ring of truth to this as just this morning I was in a hotel lobby waiting for my parents and I picked up a copy of the Livermore Independent so I could find something for my parents to take my kids to this weekend.  So all of you local guys out there check out what you can do both online and offline with your local dailies and weeklies.  My guess is that they will be pretty easy to work with and it might pay off well.


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