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Practices in information security (InfoSec) are crucial for protecting sensitive customer data and guaranteeing regulatory and agency compliance. But as dangers grow and hackers become more skilled, agencies must sharpen their awareness and defenses.

This is why Local SEO Guide and Reciprocity, Inc are collaborating to show you how to avoid a cybersecurity nightmare and methods to create a cyber assurance Shangri-La in just a few simple steps. We’ll also be giving away some pretty sweet (and valuable) downloadables that will help agencies implement best practices like:

1. Step-by-step data security plan

Most enterprise-level organizations want to know what data security policy is in place to protect their information. Having a cybersecurity plan in place is crucial in securing a big brand. We laid out a step-by-step plan to help you build trust with your clients. We’ll give you a straightforward blueprint you can implement at your agency to help safeguard client and company information.

2. An Information Security Exhibit

An Information Security Exhibit to add to your Master Service Agreement to help protect you from InfoSec liabilities. And not just any old Information Security Exhibit. We’re giving away this legal document Local SEO guide paid fancy Silicon Valley lawyers to craft so you don’t have to.

3. Free trial of the Reciprocity ROAR platform

This free trial of the Reciprocity ROAR platform comes with the Reciprocity Community Edition. It gives you the ability to develop a program that is solely focused on SOC2 to assure your agency’s clients that the company won’t subject them to unnecessary security or compliance concerns.

Why You Should Attend

The information we’ll cover will make sure your InfoSec plan is properly protecting you and your agency. Beyond just ensuring up-to-date knowledge you should also walk away with tips that will help you cut through the red tape and expedite onboarding with a client. 

 You’ll come away with a better understanding of the following:

  • Best ways to identify and define risks
  • Best frameworks to mitigate the risks
  • Best practices to ensure full security of your Client’s sensitive data 
  • Comprehensive InfoSec Plan that will provide your agency a competitive edge

Live Webinar Speaker Bios

Meghan Maneval: Meghan is a passionate GRC evangelist, DIBs champion, and acronym enthusiast with over 15 years of supporting audit, governance, security, risk, and compliance activities in highly regulated markets. Fun fact about Meghan- she was a Reciprocity customer before she joined the team. In fact, Meghan deployed ZenGRC at two different companies before deciding she loved the product so much- she came to work here! Meghan specializes in process improvement and program iteration to resolve issues, drive innovation, and gain efficiencies. Her favorite part of working at Reciprocity is meeting our users, learning about their pain points, and working with the Product and Engineering teams to build solutions. She’s most proud of the user documentation and customer enablement resources she gets to work on and presenting the Reciprocity vision at industry events.

Andrew Shotland: Andrew is CEO of LocalSEOGuide.com a leading SEO consultancy with a specialty in Multi-Location & B2B SaaS SEO for 15 years. Andrew is editor of the Local SEO Guide blog which includes their definitive Local SEO Ranking Factors study. He has been a regular contributor to SearchEngineLand and co-founder of BayAreaSearch.org, the association of Bay Area search marketing professionals. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in the Internet. He was a founding member of NBC’s Internet group and former GM of NBC.com. He helped start Insider Pages, a pioneering local-social search engine, which was acquired by CitySearch in 2006.”


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