Sivan Metzger, GM of the just announced Kenshoo Local, is up and talking about the local search marketing challenges:

  1. Massive programs/thousands of listings
  2. Cumbersome on-boarding process
  3. Resource intensive ongoing management process
  4. Cross channel geo-targeting/tracking conversions
  5. Manual keyword & bid optimization

Huge surge in demand for SEM services from SMBs, however:

  1. 30-40 accounts per account manager
  2. 40 accounts x $500/mth @20% margin
  3. = no profit when you are doing it manually

They are trying to get onboarding of new advertiser to under 10 minutes v. 1:40 which is where they see things today.

He’s walking through the ad creation UI – looks pretty nice in terms of suggesting keyword & geo targeting. Lot’s of buzzwords re optimization/conversion, etc.

The presentation looked good – he definitely gets points for having a great presentation UI – but on the surface it’s hard to tell how different this is from other local SEM automation platforms (Matchcraft, Webvisible, Yodle, etc.).  It may be just the UI which could be significant.

Interesting point – as more SMBs get online competition for inventory will increase making it even harder for any of them to achieve their goals.

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