Kelsey ILM Conference Local SEO Session Preview

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by andrewsho

If you are going to be at the Kelsey ILM conference in Santa Clara this week I hope you plan to stop by the “pre-conference” sessions on Wednesday the 19th.  At 9:15 I’ll be putting on the “Local Seo: Ultimate Search Workshop” with a couple of SEO rock stars.  Joining me will be Jonah Stein from and Steve Espinosa from ELocalListing.

Jonah will be providing some razzle dazzle on how to use analytics to improve your organic traffic and conversion.  For all of you out there who paid for a fancy analytics package and use it only to track uniques and page views (and you know who you are) I think you’ll find Jonah’s advice of value.

Steve is going to show you how to turn a simple business profile page into a SEO machine.  Despite the fact that Steve is the World’s Biggest White Sox Fan, I think you’ll appreciate what he has to say.

So be there or be square, or whatever shape you are when you are not there.


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