John Hernandez of Cisco Previews Social Watch CRM Tool #c32011

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by andrewsho

My notes on John Hernandez’ talk at C3:

Cisco saw opportunity when employees solved a tech problem via Twitter.

The Market Dynamics:

  • Changing expectations in relationship management
  • Transfer of wealth to millenials
  • Corporations desire consumer mindset
  • Advertising and brand management changing
  • Social software explosion (consumer & enterprise)

Financial Management client monitors LinkedIn to track when customer changes jobs, which is a key event for need for financial advise.

Just using Facebook to promote a coupon or giving you an 800# to call is good but it’s a fairly unsophisticated way to use the medium.  It’s a Level 2 out of 5 use (5 being the ultimate).

Level 3 = Using social media to engage

Level 4 = Connecting your customers with real people – see @Comcastcares

Level 5 = The Zone Labs – Social media customer care drives revenue for The Zone.  They monitor social channels for people with questions about their category and before they try to sell anything they build the relationship by helping.

Now seeing demo of Cisco’s social customer care system.  “SocialMiner” is the brand.  Customer care can reply to people in Twitter – importance of acquiring customers’ social ids.  Doing a live demo of calling customer care and bitching about a problem.  When the caller mentions a competitor and threatens to leave this info is sent to an account exec who is then connected to customer.  Pretty cool.

When they rolled out SocialMiner they found a number of obstacles to getting it installed so they created SocialWatch – hosted version of SocialMiner which reduces investment and execution risk.  $600/month.  No long term contract.  Integrates with existing CRM systems.  Pretty impressive stuff.


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  • Facebook
  • Mail
  • LinkedIn

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