Lost my voice at SES Chicago yesterday.  Thankful I made it out of O’Hare.  Since I am effectively mute I will probably be doing a bit of blogging at the Kelsey ILM 09 show.

Just came in to the pre-conference at the tail-end of a talk by Jeff Ferguson of Local.com on the different local marketing opportunities in Google.  Jeff gave an overview of the different local marketing opportunities available on Google – Adwords, Adwords for Maps, and 10/7 Pack SEO.  Sorry I didn’t hear the whole thing but I liked the point about writing content that targets local terms v. national terms.

Perhaps the most important point was made by BIA Kelsey’s Mike Boland when he mentioned my SEL post on Newspaper SEO and how companies need to start a skunkworks to experiment with search.

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  • Jason Ferguson  January 10, 2010 at 12:03 am

    In my 9-5 we have recently started shifting our copy to be able to better target localized keywords. In some of our more competitive keywords it’s definately helped to bring in more first time users and establish our presence in our community, not just “somewhere on the web”.

    Sorry your voice went out at the conference, I usually come down with something my second or third day in.