Is TwitterHawk The Ultimate Local Social Media Marketing Tool?

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by andrewsho

Just starting to try out TwitterHawk.  The idea is that you can track when someone on Twitter is talking about a specific subject in a specific location and send them an automated response that is somewhat relevant.  For example if I am an attorney in Pleasanton, CA, I could track everytime someone in the area mentions “DUI attorney” and send them a tweet that says something like “I am a Pleasanton DUI Attorney and would be happy to discuss with you”.  You can set up multiple responses so you are not always sending out the same one.

This thing has the potential to get pretty spammy.  Although the automated response thing is a time saver, I think you would be more successful if you used the system more like Google Alerts and responded manually to anyone who was talking about your subject matter.

Used correctly I think this could become a really powerful tool for local marketers.  I also think that to be truly successful, this service needs to expand beyond Twitter to as many social network sites as possible.  Drunk drivers tend to hang out more on Yelp after all ;).

I’ll keep using it and get back to you later with more thoughts.


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