iPhone5 Local Search Features

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by andrewsho

I was surprised at how little time Apple Maps got in the iPhone5 launch event, but then again they had a lot to cover. Below are the features they presented. Thanks to The Verge’s live coverage! (Great artists steal right?):

Apple Has Built a Local Search Engine
“We’ve built a search engine in to find POIs — we have over 100m points of interest.”

iPhone5 POI Search Engine

Turn by turn directions in landscape and portait mode.

3D satellite imagery with flyover mode.

iPhone 5 3D Satellite View in Flyover Mode

Apple Passbook: Can get boarding passes on lockscreen #cool
Apple Passbook on iPhone 5

Siri/Yelp interface looks improved:
Siri Yelp Results on iPhone5

Now you can post to Facebook using Siri. Not sure if it will include location (e.g. “Checking out the socialist pizzas at Big Apple Pizza & Pasta”).

And that’s pretty much it. More coming when I get my hands on that damn phone.


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