Ahmed Farooq of IBegin pinged me yesterday to let me know that he has joined the growing list of companies that are trying to become a one stop shop for updating your business listing and making sure the listing is updated across the Web.  As someone who has spent countless hours updating some of my clients’ listings on the top directory sites, I can vouch for how helpful such a service can be.

Check out IBegin’s announcement here.

Other similar services include:


Universal Business Listing

And of course you could always check out this post on how to update your business information on Google Local and other directory sites.

Update: Perhaps the “see it everywhere” headline was a bit too strong.  Per Chris’ comments below the IBegin data is only distributed to its publishing partner sites which certainly does not = everywhere.

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  • Chris Travers  November 25, 2008 at 11:22 pm

    Thanks for mentioning UBL in this context. It would be great to see articles like this – clearly an important topic for the Industry and businesses themselves – also list some details of where these submission go to. iBegin has an impressive number of affiliates who take their data but it is not clear from any statement that they distribute to the major search engines at all. It is always the first thing businesses and their agencies ask us.

    UBL now goes to over 50 primary destinations, including all the major Search Engines, Online Yellow Pages, 411 Directory Assistance and now GPS navigation and telematics like OnStar. The data is provided free to all legitimate directories. Our current list is at: