How To Wrap A Present

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by andrewsho

It’s almost Christmas Eve, the kids are in bed and I bet a lot of you are getting ready for that final stretch of gift wrapping. Maybe this year instead of doing a botch job you’ll do a search on Google for “How To Wrap A Present“. The strange thing is nobody is advertising against this keyword right now.

I would think this would get a lot of searches over the next 24 hours and there’s got to be some business that would benefit from being seen against this term. For instance if you are a local gift store and are open tomorrow you could advertise that you have wrapping paper or will even custom wrap gifts. Seems like a missed opportunity.

As I mentioned in Seasonality & SEO so much of the competition does not take the time to market against seasonal terms. Maybe one of your 2008 New Year’s Resolutions will be to give it a shot and get some more business.


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