How to Use Yahoo Local to Rank in Google Local and Vice-Versa

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by andrewsho

Don’t you hate it when another blogger beats you to the punch on writing about a good idea? Well, Steve McStud Espinosa kicked my butt this morning with his post, Take Advantage of Trusted Sources – Local Search Tactics. In the post Steve talks about how to link to other webpages that the search engines trust to boost your presence in the SERPs. Here’s a summary of how it works:

  1. Link to the Yahoo Local page for your business with your target keywords in the anchor text like this: Tri Valley SEO

  2. Since the Yahoo Local page is already indexed in Google this should help push it up in Google for the targeted term – assuming your own site has at least a little authority in Google.

  3. Link to your profile pages from other IYP sites (e.g. Yellowbook, Kudzu, CitySquares, etc.) that have your profiles indexed in Google and Yahoo with variations of the target keywords in the anchor text.

  4. If you see a SERP from another search engine or IYP ranking well for a particular search (e.g. a Yahoo Local page that ranks well in Google Web results) then optimize your listing for that search engine (e.g. add your biz to the YLocal category that’s showing up in Google, if relevant).

And that’s the trick.

For the full explanation with pretty pictures check out Steve’s post.

For more tricky linking ideas check out my post on how to boost your rankings in Google using internal links.


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