I was recently asked if a small business should start a blog and my initial reaction was something like “great idea but it’s probably not the right move for most small businesses given the time and energy required”. Then I thought that actually not every blog needs to be a daily or even weekly affair. If you target the right niche like Diverticulitis, maybe you only need to put up a few articles and it will grow on its own.

I was going to go into more depth on this subject today about how to spend two hours creating a blog that can last for two years and get you two hundred customers but Aaron Wall of SEOBook put it so much better than I would have that I think it only right to send you over to his post Selling Commodity Services: Controlling Cost vs Adding Value.

Check it out, get your blog about being a podiatrist in Pleasanton up this weekend, and by next week you could be up to your neck in feet.

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