How To Add a Business Listing to is a popular online directory of personal and business listings. They do not manage data themselves, instead they aggregate  information from various publicly available sources and 3rd party data suppliers (like phone and internet directories.) Whitepages listings also appear on,, and the WhitePages Mobile Apps.

Add your business to Whitepages

Unfortunately, at present, you cannot add a business directly to Whitepages:

You may be able to add your business indirectly by doing so at one of their data providers. Your best bet is going through InfoGroup. Add your business at, verify your listing, and wait for the data to be picked up by Whitepages and other InfoGroup partners.

Edit your Whitepages business info:

You can’t edit data directly on either, but since they get their listings from other providers, you can edit or correct your information at the source and it should eventually show up here. According to the support FAQ, if you pull up your WhitePages business profile, the provider should be shown above your business name. We were unable to find any examples of this, so we suspect these types of profiles are few and far between.

Profiles with no data source shown may be getting information from InfoGroup. If this is the case, you can update your profile at  However note that Whitepages “cannot guarantee that information added through InfoGroup will appear on Whitepages. 

Either way, updates are “iffy”, and any changes you make will take considerable time – they say up to 60 days – to propogate to

Plan B: Adding / updating your business listing with Yext:

If you want your listing added or corrected on and their partners and want it done in a hurry, there is another option. Whitepages is partnered with Yext. This means that you can sign up for a Yext PowerListings account and update your information at WhitePages(and over 50 other local directories from one dashboard. Changes pushed from Yext will go live on all these sites almost immediately – this includes any last-minute, spur-of-the-moment deals or special offers you want to run.

It’s not free, but if you want to actively manage your local presence, the savings in time and effort are well worth the price – check out Yext PowerListings today!

*Full Disclosure: I get paid every time someone buys a Powerlisting via that link. It’s not much, but it helps keep the lights on at the blog – and I do think it’s a great service. Ok, end of shill…