Every SEO needs a list of SEO tool bookmarks to quickly find their go to audit tools. I change mine often but here’s my latest list:

  1. Google Analytics 
    We have multiple profiles, so I have bookmark for each one
  2. Google Search Console
    A bookmark for each profile
  3. Text-Only Cache Checker
  4. Structured Data Testing Tool
  5. Mobile Friendly Test
  6. Page Speed Insights
  7. Pingdom Speed Test
  8. Rich Results Test
  9. SEORadar
  10. KeywordTool.io
  11. Bing Webmaster Tools
  12. Panguin Tool
  13. Down For Everyone or Just Me
  14. TomTom MapShare Reporter
  15. OpenStreetMap
  16. Factual Global Places
  17. Acxiom My Business Manager

I’ll add more later