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A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Business Listing to Citysearch


Adding a local business listing to is free and only requires a few minutes of your time. In addition to your business information you’ll also need an email address to create an account. Small business owner should update their business profile in local listings sites like Citysearch, Yahoo, Bing Local and Yelp to help improve their business’ ability to rank well in Google and their online reputation.

Note: CitySearch is run by CityGrid, which in turn pulls data from ExpressUpdate. There, I just saved you 15 minutes of searching.

Step 1
Expressupdate requires you to search for your business before you can add a new listing. Enter the business name, business phone number, or address and hit enter.
Step 2

Fill out your business information.

Step 3

Confirm your information is correct and click the green submit button. After you submit your business listing, you will immediately be prompted to create an account.


Step 4

On the next page, click the “Yes, Call Me Now” button.

You’ll receive an automated call from ExpressUpdate. When prompted, enter the 4 digit code they give you.

The only downside to Citysearch is that it can take 1-2 months before your new listing goes live. If you’re not that patient, you might want to consider Yext Powerlistings. Yext can fast-track changes to Citysearch in a much shorter time frame. As a bonus, it will also add/sync your listings on over 50 other local business sites and let you manage them all from one dashboard. See how your business listings look on the major local search engines now.

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