Google Offers Fact Sheet Favorites

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by andrewsho

Google Offers has added a lot of detail about how the program works and tips for participating businesses. Mike B. has excerpted some of the more pertinent info so I thought I’d provide my spin on some of my favorites from the fact sheet:


No photos, please! Er — actually, lots and lots of photos and blog posts and more! Expect there to be a social aspect to your Offer of the Day and be ready to boost your own social media efforts to help promote your offer even beyond Google’s efforts. Remember, you will be featured on the Google Offers homepage and subscribers may also get mobile notifications. The word will be out, let’s get those customers in the door!

Translation: Remember the part where you are paying us to drive new customers to you? Well it couldn’t hurt to let your current customers in on the deal so you can pay us for them too.

Everything else seem fairly reasonable. Damn, thought there would be more 🙂


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