Google Maps Hates S&M (& Caps)

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by andrewsho

Sometimes we SEO types forget to take our own advice.

Several months ago, after not having touched my Google Places Page for years, I updated the photo. Immediately my edit was rejected and my listing was removed from Google Maps.

I misinterpreted this as a problem with the new image and resubmitted the old one, but the listing still got rejected. I then decided that I was finally encountering Google’s issue with SEOs so I changed my listing name to “Andrew Shotland Search Marketing” and like magic, I was back in Google Maps, except this time I didn’t rank #1 for “Pleasanton SEO” – I ranked more like #50.

It’s not that anyone ever searches for “Pleasanton SEO”, but sometimes we SEOs can be guilty of useless keyword vanity.

Last week, I was reading through my own local SEO checklist and Mike Blumenthal’s post on Google Places Rejection Algo and had one of those #Doh! moments. According to the post:

You are only allowed up to 3 capitals together to allow LLC or LTD on a company name.

Of course “SEO” is 3 capitals together so it shouldn’t have been a problem. But then I put on my tinfoil hat and figured that there are certain letter combinations, like “SEM”, “S&M” and “SEO” that get extra special rejection scrutiny. I immediately updated my listing name to “Local Seo Guide” and voila!:

Moral of the story: Check your work.  Get the basics right.  Sit up straight.  Stop mumbling.  Eat your peas.


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