Sitting in on the Web Communities 2.0 panel at Kelsey ILM.  Seems to me the show is turning into the Local SEO show as the panel is spending a lot of time talking about GeoLocalSEO.  No complaints here…

Mark Josephen –

Dave Galvan – Topix

Mike Orren – Pegasus News

Sebastien Provencher – Praized

Mark J.
The content creation platform has been completely commoditized so now anyone can be a publisher and the amount of content at the local level has exploded.  Aggregating all of that content to make it findable and understandable is a way to add value.

Dave G.
News is not news.  You need community.

Mike O.
Neighborhood info is not important enough for either the business or users.  It needs to fit in the context of a metro area to have continuing relevance for users and advertisers.

Sebastien P.
It’s tough to build a destination site.  That’s why SEO is so important.  That is why Praized has built a “ning” of local social networking.

Dave G.
Lots of national advertisers that have local interest and partnerships with content partners like and SimplyHired.  500 registrants per day but no registration required.  No barriers to entry.  When we took off registration our community involvement went up 10x.

Sebastien P.
Every browser will have geodetection capabilities in the next year.  This means everyone in local will have an amazing opportunity.

Mark J.
GeoLocal SEO is going to be even more important.  Making your businesses and content “location aware” is going to become increasingly more important to getting traffic.

Sebastein P.
Launching Praized Answers to broadcast questions to your social network wherever it is and then aggregates the answers from all over in one place.

Mark J.
Keyword search optimization is about what
Geo search optimizaton is about where

Sebastien P.
Structured content will lead to more interesting search results

Mark O.
it’s one thing to look for a restaurant that’s near me, it’s another to look for a restaurant that’s near me that’s open right now.  Structuring your data properly will let Google figure that out eventually.

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  • David Saunders  November 21, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Mmmmmm ! I’ve always used geo tags for “local websites” and am about to launch a gossip portal for my home City in England.

    What if the site is hosted in the US and I have geo tagged the site for my particular target in England?

    Besides Google WMTools…..



  • Andrew Shotland  November 21, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    Using all that microformat stuff is great and my guess is it will definitely be helpful in the future, but right now 99.9999% of websites don’t use it so I can’t see why Google would give it any preference.

  • Stever  November 22, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Besides the microformat geo-meta tag stuff you can create kml files with geo-locations in them. Little map files that will open up in Google Earth. Save the files to your server and link to them from somewhere on your site. They get crawled by google bot.

    It seems as though that once they’ve been indexed they may be helping rankings inside Gmaps.

    Also creating My Maps in Google Maps that reference a business and it’s location will become more user generated references that are taken notice of by Gmaps as well.