I just downloaded GBoard, the new Google iOS app that replaces the standard iOS keyboard with a keyboard that allows you to search Google from the board itself – and the results show up as cards at the bottom of the browser. Check it out:

Gboard appears when you start to search in an iOS browser:
Gboard App for IOS

Results show as a single card at the bottom. Scroll to the right for more results.
Gboard for iOS App Result

If this thing catches on, you’d best be ranking #1. On the other hand, no room for ads…yet.

After playing around with it a bit, I noticed the results are heavily biased towards Knowledge Graph cards. Check these KRoCs (Keyboard Results Cards) out:

Gboard search result for “Yelp”
Gboard Yelp

Tapping the card populates a URL in the browser

Which takes you to a mobile SERP for “Yelp Corporation”
Gboard Result

Yeah, that’s what I wanted. Thanks Google.

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