G5 Search Marketing Teams Up With Google

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by andrewsho

I got a call from Dan Hobin, G5’s CEO, who tells me that they have just become an ‘authorized reseller of Adwords”.

G5 Search Marketing is one of those great Internet marketing companies you’ve never heard of.  They focus on servicing the self-storage industry and by their account they are kicking butt and profitable.  I am not sure what the big difference is between being authorized and unauthorized, but at the least G5 gets to use Google’s name in a press release.

Anyhow, the thing I like about G5 is that they are in line with my theory (or is it a postulate?) that those who focus on niches and own the web presence for SMBs are the ones who are going to be in control of the future of local search.  So congrats to G5.

I  am a bit rushed this morning but I may post some more data about this later this week.


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