Free Beer!!!!!! SEO Contest!!!!!!

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by Dan

Hey friends! I’m way over-invested in rare beer and underinvested in giving back to the SEO community (aren’t we all?). There has been a lot of tweetin’ and discussin’ about forum/comment links lately. Do they have zero value for SEO, or is the devil in the details?

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Anyway, enough talk. If you can create a resource online showing how you used forum/comment links to boost the rankings of a site that averages over 1k visits a month from organic search traffic I will send you one of these two rare beers from my collection:

A little background on the beers, these are from two fine SoCal breweries.

First on the left is Parables of Red from Casa Agria. Casa is a craft brewery located in Thousand Oaks, and are known for their fantastic hazy hops and robust wild program. They even did a mutual collab with DeGarde, so they are the real deal. This beer is from their club program and was not released to the public.

On the right is a 2014 Black Tuesday from Orange County’s own The Bruery. The Bruery has been around since 2008 and has helped pioneer the high ABV pastry stout game and mainstreaming of wilds. This 2014 BT should be drinking spectacularly right now.

Any questions hit me up @danleibson on Twitter, or leave a comment.

Must be 21 years of age or older.


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