Google Farmer Update Updates – AKA “Panda”

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by andrewsho

For those of you trying to figure out what’s going on with the Farmer Update, I thought it might be useful to aggregate what various search brainiacs are saying in one place. Herenow, the list:

Lessons Learned at SMX West: Google’s Farmer/Panda Update, White Hat Cloaking, And Link Building – Vanessa Fox
My Theory On The Google Algo Change/Farmer Update –
The Farmer/Panda Update: New Information From Google and The Latest from SMX West – Vanessa Fox
Panda Update: Finding & Removing Low Quality Content Using Analytics – Patrick Altoft
Analysing the Google/Panda Content Farmer Update – Patrick Altoft
Your Site’s Traffic Has Plummeted Since Google’s Farmer/Panda Update. Now What? – Vanessa Fox
The ‘Panda’ That Hates Farms: A Q&A With Google’s Top Search Engineers – Steven Levy
Google “Farmer” Update – Before and After – Paul Carpenter
Really Google?  Penalizing Good Sites To Get Some Bad Ones – SearchEngineWatch
More Farmer Update Winners, Losers; Wikihow, Blippr & Yahoo Answers – Matt McGee
Google Content Farm Update Support Groups – SEORoundtable
Which websites dropped the most in the Google algorithm change of February 2011? – Quora
Google Kills eHow Competitors, eHow Rankings Up – Aaron Wall
More Google Algorithm Changes: The Farmer Update – Dave Harry
Number Crunchers: Who Lost In Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm Change? – Danny Sullivan
Google Farmer Update: Quest for Quality – Sistrix
Google Revamps to Fight Cheaters – WSJ
Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update – Danny Sullivan

I’ll update this as I find more interesting POVs. Feel free to point out any you find in the comments.


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