I mean, just look at this ad I got trying to help me cash in on government solar credits:

I’ve been looking into getting a solar hookup for our house for a while, great targeting Facebook! But wait, I did a double take when I saw the ad because:

How odd to see a promoted post from a person, so I decided to investigate. Check out ‘Beth Reese’

What a committed solar activist! So if you look at the right-hand sidebar of ‘her’ Facebook page, you will see that this “person” works for the “company” providesolar.com. Given this new piece of information, the investigation continues!

I’m blown away by the high-quality design and dedication to the user experience shown by providesolar.com. Who are these renaissance women and men who are both champions of the planet and marketing gurus? I decided to fill out an application in the hopes of finding out!

An orange arrow pointing me to the form, killer CRO!

Now if you read the fine print you can see “By pressing ‘ Get Solar Now’, you agree to the Privacy Policy and authorize ProvideSolar and up to four Solar Companies to call or send pre-recorded or text messages to the telephone or mobile number above using automated technology, even if you telephone or mobile number is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate ‘Do Not Call’ list”.

So basically, you are agreeing to allow them to sell your information to companies that are going to aggressively robo-call you, even if you are on a ‘do not call’ list. And since you agree that they don’t have to respect ‘do not call’ lists, good luck getting them to stop calling you!

What is this list of companies? Glad you asked, it’s clearly a highly curated and very reasonable list, just look at it!

And of course, this all started with your regular everyday Facebook user, Beth Reese!

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