Ep. 7 Nat Matherson – The SEO Stakeholder

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by Tess Voecks

Our next guest is Nate Matherson, the CEO and co-founder of Positional, a modern toolset for content and SEO teams. Nate chats with Andrew about everything from his SEO nightmare story to how and why he created Positional. The two of them dive into why Positional is a rock star-level SEO tool and why you should use it!

You can find Nate here:
Twitter: https://buff.ly/3EcvrRq
LinkedIn: https://buff.ly/3shEFsD
Try Positional here: https://www.positional.com/

About Local SEO Guide:
Local SEO Guide is a boutique SEO agency with over 16+ years of experience helping boost ARR for e-commerce, enterprise, multi-location, franchise, and B2B websites. Services include SEO strategy creation, content creation and production, technical SEO, SEO consulting, linkbuilding, and AI service consultation. Local SEO Guide is owned and operated by Andrew Shotland.

You can find Local SEO Guide here:
Website: https://buff.ly/3smLZTX
Twitter: https://buff.ly/3YRoZc3
YouTube: https://buff.ly/3E8LoIj
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/local-seo-guide

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