Ep. 3 Areej AbuAli – The SEO Stakeholder Podcast

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by Tess Voecks

A guest that needs no introduction, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, Areej AbuAli. She’s the founder of Women in Tech SEO and recently founded her own SEO consultancy, Crawlina. Areej is as brilliant as she is kind. A bright light and an advocate in our industry.

Areej was kind enough to visit with Andrew Shotland on this episode of SEO Stakeholder podcast. She shared her views on:
-Managing client expectations and communication
-How she forecasts SEO
-Her thoughts on how meaningful core web vitals are to SEO
-When to consider an SEO agency vs an in-house SEO team

Absolutely brilliant information, Areej! Thank you so much for joining us! You can find Areej here:

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