Local SEO Guide is happy to announce Locadium, a Google My Business reporting system built from the ground up for multi-location brands and agencies. According to a recent poll of Local SEO Sherpa’s, 78% of them have problems with Google changing information on GMB profiles. Now I know you are saying:

“Dan, there is the ability to see changes suggested by Google in the GMB dashboard”.

Thanks, random Internet person! You can see Google suggested updates in the various GMB dashboards, and in addition to that, Locadium reports actual front end UI changes that users are seeing

In addition to the core reporting application, you can also push updates to GMB through the GMB API in real time, manage thousands of children locations from a parent agency or brand setup, check recent reviews and see how Google is updating your information over time. These are all things that we have been using internally to help us manage GMB profiles at scale.

In addition to these features, we are hard at work building out aggregate GMB Insights reporting and the ability to push attributes via the GMB API that we plan to include at no extra cost.

While I think that those are all pretty exciting features,  my favorite is probably our industrial strength GMB duplicate checker. Using our proprietary technology we gather and score all the relevant duplicates and potential duplicates out there so you can detect any rogue GMB listings. Then you can either claim and optimize them or terminate them with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

So that’s all the good stuff if you are so inclined head over to www.locadium.com now and check it out. But before that, screenshots!

The top level dashboard:

A “Location Page”:

The reviews at the bottom of a “Location Page”:

The ability to edit a location page:

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  • Ewan Kennedy  August 1, 2017 at 6:06 am

    Sounds exciting, Dan. I’ve just registered.