Like most other SMBs, spas could give a flying $@!%$* (did I spell that right?) about technology, SEO, search engine advertising, anything with the word “click”, SERPs, etc.  “Sticky” is never a good term in the spa industry.

1/3 of avg. spa revenue from gift certificates.  SpaBoom’s pay for performance private labeled online gift certificate model enabled them to pick up 10% of the market in 2 years.  About 2300 active clients.

New clients add 20-30% to total sales

40% avg increase in online sales y-o-y

combined network has sold $23MM using SpaBoom

Many average over $1,000 per month

Just did a partnership with SpaFinder.

Going into restaurants next with Entreeboom.  Partnering with Zagat.  That’s pretty cool.

I like this business.

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  • Jane Rice  January 7, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    Hi Seth,
    I noticed that you are going to be in Chicago and talking about “Roll Your Own Groupon”. I recently was a weekend Groupon feature for my facials and 460 bought my facials!! It has really launced my business and I was wondering about what you were going to talk about….I was not planning on going to Chicago for the conference but I would love to talk to you about furthur ideas for me after the Groupon. Take Care,
    Jane Rice