Whenever I run into the guys from Yellowbot (aka Solfo) at a local search conference, the exchange is typically something like “hard to believe we are at another one of these things…”.

In other words, ErronEmad and the gang have been at the Local game a long time.  I was surprised when Matt Booth jumped the BIA Kelsey ship to join as their CEO. While I had always thought that the Yellowbot team had done some quite interesting stuff with reputation monitoring, their services had always seemed to me to be just another local digital marketing thingamabob.

Today, they announced that they raised a bunch of $, have rebranded as and now according to Matt Booth:

“We are building a CRM / messaging tool that comes with pre-populated customers for every location in North America. The data is auto populated from any unique handle mobile number, check-in, email. We can do this because the company has assembled a very robust data that includes typical reputation monitoring data but also what consumers touch each business on every location in North America. 
Down the road, we will allow business to add transaction data to the tool like a POS.
Having all of this allows you to do all sorts of interesting things like: (1) We have not seen you in 30 days. (2) Profile best customers (3) Create look-a-like lists to get new customers (4) Loyalty….
And on and on….”

Now that sounds like a pretty cool local digital marketing thingamabob. Local CRM functionality is one of the biggest opportunities in Local IMO. Should be interesting to watch it play out.

Check them out at 

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  • D  February 23, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Hey Andrew, do you still run into Erron, Emad and the gang? It would be great to get in touch with them. You can send me a private message of course …