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by andrewsho

I was talking to my bud Jonah Stein about his new start-up CodeGuard, a website backup service, and I thought given the events of the past few days it was worth a plug, particularly for those readers running multiple SMB websites.  Let’s review some of the latest in website hacking news:

  1. Sony’s Play Station Network was still struggling to get back online after telling all about its users
  2. The world’s largest defense contractor was asking for government help against a hacker attack
  3. A New York Congressman with the name Weiner’s twitter account became eponymous by sending out explicit pictures of male genitals (RT!)
  4. resurrected Tupac Shakur and had him living in Australlia

So I guess even the largest and most sophisticated companies are vulnerable to hackers.

So if you can’t prevent your site from getting hacked, the least you can do is have a plan in place to minimize the damage by having a recent backup which you can quickly revert to when your site is attacked.  Codeguard is basically an “UNDO” button for hacked sites. Probably a good idea for those sites who tend to push stuff live that breaks the SEO too. Not you, right? Of course not.

I’ll let their site do the selling, but as someone who has had his site hacked, it sounds pretty cool to me.


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