Per my previous post on targeting searches for Black Friday deals, if you are really on your game you would have also put up a post on your site about the best places to find Xmas trees in your city.  According to the Google Adwords Tool local searches related to Christmas tree farms had some pretty good volume.  “Christmas Tree Farm” has an avg. monthly search volume of 40,500.

And as you can see from Google Insight, we are about to hit the search season for this term and I would guess about 99% of all of the annual searches for this term alone happen in the next month, meaning there are a ton of searches to be had.

A local business posting on their site about where to find all of the christmas tree farms in their area should be able to pick up a good amount of search traffic over the next month and for a ten minute investment, could have a good shot at presenting their brand to a lot of potential new customers.

According to Google Insight here are the top states where people search for “christmas tree farms”:

New Hampshire
North Carolina

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