Barbara Coll – CEO, Webmama
Simon Hayhurst – SVP, Promote Marketing, Autonomy
Wendy Lea – CEO, GetSatisfaction
Ben Straley – CEO, Meteor Solutions

Sorry all, i was a bit distracted during this panel, but I am sure it was excellent. Greg finishes it by asking for one statement from the panelists on how to approach social:

Straley – Take a content-driven approach to your online marketing. The best way to impact search results and reach the audience is via useful, compelling, entertaining content and use tools to identify where to place that content.

Coll – Hire writers. Writing well is a competitive advantage for search and social.

Hayhurst – Ask yourself “Is the right content in the right customer touch points and conversations?”

Lea – Be where these conversations and content is. Do an inventory of where all of these conversations are happening about your brand. Figure out how you can naturally and transparently get involved in these conversations.

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