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Sorry for the deviation from local search but this just in – You may have noticed I had been running a Blogrush widget on the side of these pages over the past couple of weeks. Not anymore. I just got an email from Blogrush saying that my account has been made “inactive” because this blog has “not enough unique content”.

Now let me get this straight – I write nothing but unique content every day for a month with a number of other high quality sites picking up my posts, linking to these pages, adding comments, etc. And my blog is not unique enough?

All I can say is “Blogrush WTF?”. This is no way to endear yourself to me or any other blogger out there.

Tamar Weinberg put it more politely when she said “Blogrush, You’re Kidding Me.”

And check out Andy Beal’s nuking of Blogrush.

BTW, now that the Blogrush widget is gone, my pages are loading a lot faster. Thanks Blogrush!

If you’re curious, here are Blogrush’s “very strict guidelines”:

BlogRush Quality Guidelines:

– The blog contains unique, quality content that provides opinions, insights, and/or recommended resources that provide value to readers of the blog. Articles, videos, public domain works, press releases, and content written by others are okay to be used on the blog, but the ratio of unique content should far outweigh content from other sources.

– The blog should be updated on a regular basis (at least several times a month) and should not just go a few months between posts.

– The blog should already contain at least 10-12 quality posts. New blogs with very little content will not be accepted (I guess this is where they got me. Apparently not all of my posts are “quality”).

– The blog’s primary contain must be in English. BlogRush is currently not available for non-English blogs.

– The blog should not contain an excessive amount of advertising and links and very little actual content. The focus of the blog should be quality content.

– The primary content of the blog should not be “scraped” content from other sources and/or script-generated pages for the sole purpose of search engine rank manipulation. The focus of the blog should be quality content.

– The blog’s content (or advertising) should not contain any of the following types of content: hate, anti-racial, terrorism, drug-related, hacking, phishing, fraud, pornographic, nudity, warez, gambling, copyright infringement, obscene or disgusting material of any kind, or anything considered illegal.

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  • John Reese  October 22, 2007 at 1:59 am


    John Reese here. For what it’s worth, your blog should have been approved. I’m not sure what the reviewer that reviewed your blog saw that made them not approve it — in fact, I’m completely sure somekind of mistake wasn’t made.

    Tamar also has a high quality blog that should have been approved — although, she mentions that she never added the widget to her blog and that’s probably why it wasn’t approved.

    I will personally reactivate your account. I’m sorry for the mistake.


  • Simonne  October 22, 2007 at 4:07 am

    I’m more than honoured to find myself in such a company. My blog has also been rejected. I think John Reese has a lot of apologies to make over the next few days.

  • Andrew Shotland  October 22, 2007 at 8:31 am

    Simonne, the feeling is mutual.

    John, I totally appreciate you stopping by and filling me and my readers in on what’s going on. Honestly my first reaction when I got this email was that this was a mistake (my ego demanded this kind of response after all). Unfortunately you hit me late at night when I was in a bit of a cranky fog.

    I have no problem letting bygones be bygones. I am sure you are having a fun day.

  • John Reese  October 22, 2007 at 2:10 pm


    I got to the bottom of why your blog wasn’t approved… it’s because your BlogURL was in our system as “” ; apparently you made a typo when creating your original account. Since your Feed URL was accurate, the account worked fine. When a reviewer pulled up your site to review it, the BlogURL wouldn’t load (due to the typo) and that’s why it wasn’t approved.

    Our system has been changed since that time and now verifies the BlogURL by looking for the widget code.

    Your blog has now been approved, for whatever it’s worth.


  • Andrew Shotland  October 22, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    Thanks John. Damn those typos!