Black Monday 2009 – Are You Going To Get Your Share Of Black Monday Sales?

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by andrewsho

Each year I do a post on Black Monday Shopping and how to take advantage of high value seasonal searches to target shoppers in your market looking for Black Monday sales.  While Black Monday queries are typically “national” in nature, there is a lot of potential to convert these queries into local sales. This strategy applies to big sites as well as small sites.

If you haven’t done so already I recommend doing the following asap:

  1. Figure out the top relevant queries for your city or service area.  Check out useful tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Trends & Google Insights for Search to figure out hot keywords and which markets are looking for what.  According to Google Trends searchers in Michigan,  Missouri & Ohio have been querying “black monday” the most over the past 30 days.  Thanks GM & Chrysler!  Google Insights is showing a lot of “black monday” activity around Florida and Texas over the past month.  Maybe the Trends & Insights teams might want to coordinate their data a bit, but whatever.
  2. Once you have figured out the queries you want to rank for start creating content that targets these queries.  Maybe something like “Top 10 Cyber Monday Deals in Florida”.  Of course the whole idea of Cyber Monday is that people are looking for online deals so the queries might not be super local, but there more local signals your site sends off the more likely you are to rank in your market for “national” queries.  And if you can rank for these queries you have a chance to convince shoppers to get off their butts and head over to your store.
  3. Once you get your content up you’ll want to generate some links to it.  Call up your local paper and offer a version of the article to them.  Make sure you highlight other local businesses and their Cyber Monday sales so it doesn’t look like a self-promoting thing.  And make sure it has a link back to your article on your site.  If you don’t want to work that hard, just Tweet a link to it and make sure that it’s available in a RSS feed and shows up on your Facebook page, your Linkedin page, etc.  This won’t help it rank much, but it will help the search engines and others discover it.
  4. Don’t forget that even if you are primarily an offline business, you can still offer a Cyber Monday deal on your website.
  5. Happy Cyber Black Monday 2009 Deals Sales Shopping! 😉


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