BIA/Kelsey Social Local Media Consulting Is Now Live

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by andrewsho

Yesterday I formally launched a partnership with BIA/Kelsey to provide their clients with a “Social Local Media Advisory Service”. Here’s the kind of stuff we’ll be helping clients with:

SLM will spotlight buyers, sellers, platform developers, vendors, practitioners and thought leaders engaged in the use of social media tools and techniques to forward customer relationships. This analysis across the ecosystem is imperative as the social media space evolves from search, display, mobile and directory platforms, and organizes into its own distinct personality and value proposition as part of the local advertising mix. SLM will focus on helping media companies and social platform suppliers identify the best integration strategies for implementing social across media, marketing and advertising channels in a manner that drives revenues.

As part of the partnership I will be blogging a bit on the BIA/Kelsey blog so you may notice the rate of postings here decline as I figure out the right balance. For a look at some of the things I’ll be covering over there just click on the Social link on their blog.

And fear not, I will still be devoting a large amount of my time to SEO consulting so if Google is screwing you, you can still give me a call.

See you out there in the socialsphere!


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