Just popped a post up on AppleMapsMarketing.com about the importance of remembering to update business data in Apple Maps.

“Today a retailer client, let’s assume they are called “Bingo’s”, pinged me because they had sold one of their locations, let’s say to “Bozo’s”, and their brand was still appearing on the business’ Yelp profile. So when you searched “bingo pleasanton ca” in Google the Bingo’s Pleasanton Yelp profile showed up as the top result. “

So we fixed the Google problem because that was what the client was concerned about, but it didn’t even occur to them that there was an Apple Maps problem too…

“The moral of the story is that because Apple Maps data does not show up in Google, marketers are likely to forget about it when doing big things like changing brand names, changing addresses, etc. Apple Maps is one of the most used local search services on the planet. Ignore it at your business’ peril.”

Read the whole thing at Changing Business Names? Don’t Forget About Apple Maps!

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