Mr. Sterling states that 4 million businesses (2 million in the U.S.) have claimed their listing in Google Maps.  And I quote:

let’s imagine what it would look like for Google if all two million US local businesses that had claimed listings were to advertise at the highly affordable $25 per month (or $300 per year). It would represent new revenue of $600 million.

That could pay for a lot of anti-spam technology.

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  • David Saunders  April 20, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Brilliant! I would happily pay for a local listing where it the way forward.

    I don’t mind Google making money as they changed my life.

    I was a full time SEO “type” in the San Francisco Bay Area for years – just up the road from you Andrew.

    My wife has taken over the SEO side of business here in Plymouth in the UK and I am now the local County Town Crier

    OK what a niche! I rank well everywhere but would be happy to do so with Google Places.

    Google have always been good for me and I use everything Google – Checkout, Apps, Picasa Premier and so on.

    I welcome a change and a paid listing would help get the cheats out – or get some local “feet on the street” local partners


    David aka Jack Ringer the Town Crier in Nordstrom boxers 😉