Seeking a Local SEO Genius™ in the Bay Area

Is this you?

Well, fear not, Local SEO Guide, one of the top brands in the Local Search industry and one of the most beloved Local SEO bloggers, is seeking a Local SEO Genius™, or whatever you want to call yourself, to help build out our practice to service clients seeking to dominate local search results and relieve you from the burden of producing the TPS Reports.

The Genius will be responsible for the following:
• Onboarding of new clients, including setting up performance tracking, reporting and milestones
• SEO Audits of client websites, including analysis of technical issues, site architecture, keyword targeting and content-related SEO issues
• Backlink analysis of client websites, including identification of link SPAM issues
• Google+ Local analysis and optimization, including problem solving
• Citation analysis
• Crafting SEO strategies for clients and working with clients to get approval on and launch SEO campaigns
• Linkbuilding, citation building, content creation
• Analysis and implementation of additional marketing tactics including SEM, Social Media and other tactics.
• Selection of and management of outside service providers and technologies to assist in campaigns.
• Creation of a dashboard to inform Clients of action items/progress
• Identifying potential new hires to grow the business
• Anything else needed to deliver an amazing service and grow the business

Skills Needed:
• You must have done most, if not all of the above, successfully
• The ideal candidate has significant experience at an agency that has dealt with large numbers of multi-location clients

This Job Is For You If You:
• Have an entrepreneurial mindset
• Are results-oriented
• Like to make the trains run on time
• Are customer-focused
• Are resilient/flexible
• Don’t need me to hold your hand; and don’t want me to
• Want to build something amazing from almost nothing

I work out of a small office in Pleasanton, CA. While I am open to a virtual work situation – we have several virtual contractors working with us at the moment, I prefer if this person lived in the Bay Area so we can have frequent in-person meetings as needed. You can work out of my office if you want, but it’s not 100% necessary.

I know you want a number, but the salary will be commensurate with your experience. If you are worth a lot, you’ll make a lot. We also pay commissions on any business you bring in, if you are into making it rain. All the typical benefits including health, 401K and great vacation time (Basically get the job done and I won’t worry about how many days off you are taking).

What Else Can I Tell You?
I can tell you that you will have more autonomy than any other job you’ve ever had. You will be getting in on the ground floor of building an amazing service and will be able to quickly see the results of your hard work. And if you’ve got a great idea, you can do the Google 20% time thing to see if it’s worth pursuing. I think you’ll be happy you took this job. It’s better than most ☺

If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

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