Looking for an SEO Company in Oakland?

Greetings From Oakland!

The text below is purely for SEO purposes. It just says how much experience we have getting businesses like yours customers from Google SEO. Watch the video to your left. It’s from our CEO, it’s not trying to sell you, but it will explain why we might be a good fit for your business.

LSG has been providing SEO services to Oakland-based start-ups, retailers, and local businesses for almost 20 years. We specialize in Local SEO for large and small businesses. Whether you have 1,000 locations or only one, we can help you drive more business from Google.

We know you don’t want to read a bunch of marketing hype about how great we are so we put together a brief video over on the left.

Here are some case studies on some of the more interesting businesses we have worked on.

Eleven Fifty Academy
Rotten Tomatoes

Not all of our clients are huge brand names. We are just as happy to work with a local restaurant like Sidetracks or LogoBoss.

If you’d like a free consultation with zero sales pressure, feel free to get in touch.

The Best SEO Companies in Oakland

Believe it or not, sometimes just by listing other businesses that rank well for the search query you are targeting, you can improve your rankings for that term. Why, you ask?

Think about a site like Yelp. It’s just a list of businesses in every city in every business category, like “SEO Company in Oakland”. Google allocates a certain amount of space for these types of sites in local search results, most likely because searchers sometimes want to pick from a list. And if you list the businesses that Google already thinks are relevant to your keyword target, it seems like you are telling Google’s algorithm what it wants to hear.

So let’s try this. Here are some of the top SEO companies in Oakland. We haven’t worked with any of them, but Google seems to think they are worth listing first 🙂

    1. Thrive Internet Marketing
      (except they are not located in Oakland, or even California for that matter)
    2. Jives Media
      (Jives is actually located in San Francisco. Closer than Thrive!)
    3. Colibri Digital Marketing
      5927 Almaden Ln · (415) 900-4788
      Opens 9 AM Mon
    4. Jade Orchard Marketing Agency
      (Actually, they are in Moraga)
    5. SEOZone
      (Located in Berkeley. Close enough!)