About Pure Storage

Pure Storage delivers a modern data experience that empowers organizations to run their operations as a true, automated, storage as-a-service model seamlessly across multiple clouds. They offer fully integrated solutions for persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, and AI-powered data-storage management and monitoring.

Why they hired us

Pure Storage was seeking more visibility and organic traffic in key markets. While Pure Storage was quite successful in the United States they sought to improve market share internationally, particularly in Europe.

They wanted to combine the expertise of Local SEO Guide with their own in-house SEO team to help them drive more user traffic in counties where they underperformed in search.

To achieve this, Pure Storage trusted LSG to perform keyword research to aid their expansion and craft a strategy to address how they could replicate their success in the US.

What we did

LSG provided suggestions for driving more leads and revenue from target customers via organic search. Additionally, we built an SEO roadmap with a custom dashboard to track their investment and progress. This included outlining the priorities for international SEO and how their content and backlink strategy could be augmented to serve these business objectives.

Local SEO Guide provided a data-backed strategy and the resources to implement across three key areas.

1. Keyword & Market Research

Our team of industry experts analyzed various target languages and markets and identified keyword difficulties and search intents which varied by language and region. This allowed LSG to find new opportunities, point out pitfalls, and fix current internationalization problems that led to the success of the SEO program.

The market research also revealed aspects of similarity between the international English-language competitive landscape and the American landscape including how to create and structure content for optimal growth.

2. SEO Content Strategy

LSG crafted a content strategy to localize content and map keywords to solutions pages, pricing pages, troubleshooting pages, and general knowledge articles to capture more traffic.

Additionally, LSG wes able to identify gaps in content for a hub as well as opportunities for creating images and videos for wider exposure in SERPs.

Finally, we worked with in-house staff to regularly refresh content and build out their content in international folders.

3. Link Building

Local SEO Guide operationalized our proprietary, internal machine learning tool Squeryl with 3rd party ones to identify the highest impact pages for link building efforts. This allowed LSG to increase user traffic to priority pages and gain international visibility.

Measurable Business Results

Local SEO Guide helps Pure Storage build links and execute their business objectives of expanding into new markets and increasing organic traffic.

Organic Traffic & Keywords


In the first set of URLs we targeted:

  • Total clicks increased from 10.1K to 22.6K — a 123% increase!
  • Total impressions increased from 502K to 1.17M — a 133% increase!

For the next set of URLs, the backlinks generated increased clicks from 1,900 to 2,290 compared to the last 3 months YoY.

  • Total of 224 live links generated
  • 20.57% more clicks in 3 months

From September to December 2022 the results of our link-building continued to be successful. Here you can see those months compared to the previous year.

  • Non-branded organic clicks increased by 29% across the site and link-building URLs increased by 73% over this 3-month period.
  • Non-branded clicks increased 83% across the site and the link-building URLs increased 99% year over year.

Pure Storage continues to enjoy increasing organic traffic and backlinks as a result of its engagement with LSG and our ongoing efforts. If you are interested in link-building services or SEO consulting that will take your website to the next level, contact us for a free consult.